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According to the 2009 High School Survey of Student Engagement, a full two-thirds of American high school students report being bored in class every day. Those students tuning out in school are turning on to video games. The video game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 set a record for best selling product in the entertainment industry, outselling blockbuster movies on their opening weekends. That's what students are receptive to. Teachers don't have teams of concept artists, 3D modelers, writers, programmers, musicians, and multimillion dollar budgets for creating lessons.

Creating lessons that can compete with video games will take writers, teachers, graphic designers, programmers, and more. Your help to raise funds to pay for that expertise could provide a real benefit to countless students far and wide. Please donate to help make the Infinity Net Academy a reality. You can see a sample of what your contributions will create. The sample lesson video is only the beginning. The final product of a well funded endeavor could create an innovative force in education.

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Come see what the Infinity Net Academy has in store for the future of teaching. In years gone by teaching was based on the 3 Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic. The future of it lies in 3 Es, education, excitement and encouragement.

The Infinity Net Academy will be a free online learning resource accessible to children and teachers with an emphasis on animation. Presentation is key. Great graphics, music and sound effects create a stimulating learning experience. It is so much easier to teach when students want to learn. The Infinity Net Academy will take an approach to teaching that caters to students.

Progress means applying advances in technology to create a better learning experience than what the chalk boards and text books can provide. Do you want anything to keep kids from applying themselves to the best of their ability? The Infinity Net Academy wants to sugar coat and spoon feed kids an education so it goes down with a smile. Just click on Sample Lesson in the menu to see what I mean. With a couple mouse clicks you can watch a video of a sample lesson.

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High School drop outs don't have a future without an education. In the U.S.A. high school drop outs commit about 75 percent of crimes.1 Increasing male high school graduation rates by one percentage point would save as much as $1.4 billion in criminal justice costs.2

So lets work together to put the 3 Es in teaching. That way earning a high school diploma won't feel like a burden to at risk students. Getting their high school diploma can become something they are eager to accomplish if it engages them on their terms. CBS News has reported that drop outs cost taxpayers more than $8 billion annually in public assistance programs like food stamps. So isn't it worth our while to do that?

There is more than one way to contribute. The Infinity Net Academy has affiliated with online programs to earn commissions that will help make a difference. Go to the help make a difference page to learn about the ways you can contribute that have something in it for you.

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2 Lance Lochner and Enrico Moretti, "The Effect of Education on Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates, Arrests, and Self-Reports," American Economic Review 94 no. 1 (2004), 155-189.